Foreign exchange for crypto arbitrage in South Africa

Crypto arbitrage is a hot topic in a continually developing industry. The decentralised nature of crypto currency transactions causes disruption in the country's current exchange control and taxation environment. The regulatory authorities are actively dealing with these challenges. FX Rand can help you stay abreast of the latest regulatory position and keep track of industry experts' insights.

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Foreign exchange for crypto arbitrage in South Africa

Processing foreign exchange transactions for crypto arbitrage at low cost and high respect for regulation.

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South Africa is noted as a premium crypto destination which is something that traders have been taking advantage of for a number of years, however it’s critically important to remain fully compliant with all relevant legislation. Getting it wrong can have serious implications.

Exchange control regulations, administered by the South African Reserve Bank, restrict the export of capital from the country without the express permission of National Treasury {regulation 10.(1)(c)}, failing which, substantial penalties can be imposed {regulation 22}. 

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How much can I transfer out of South Africa for crypto trading purposes?


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IFWG white paper

Download the IFWG white paper with input from SARB, 

FIC, FSCA, National Treasury, NCR and SARS

SARB exchange control rules

View the current regulations on crypto assets on the South African Reserve Bank website

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Disclaimer: FX Rand does not provide a platform for or advice relating to the purchase, sale or movement of crypto currency.  We facilitate foreign exchange and currency transfer services for this purpose, for private individual customers only.  All exchange control regulations and associated legislative requirements must be met in relation to capital outflows.