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At FX Rand we don’t do traditional. With us you get the market rate and pay a small fixed fee, which consistently results in more foreign currency than the standard approach. Try our calculator to discover the difference!

We've also made things simple with a fully digital process that's safe and secure.

PLEASE NOTE:  Calculations are based on the market exchange rate as at 16:00 SAST daily.


The values and rates presented are for comparative purposes only. The principles used to determine the “Standard forex provider" values are based on information available in the public domain, i.e. the quoted rates on various providers' websites.
The rates presented are “effective rates”, which means they factor in our fixed fee and the typical margins used by “Standard forex providers”. The rates used for these calculations are based on market exchange rates as at 16:00 SAST daily.

The results displayed should not be understood as a formal quotation or commitment to pricing, rates or transacted values. Once you make contact with us, we will assess your needs and provide a quotation, which you can compare in the market.